The line-by-line method is one of several methods for memorizing poems, and the one that seems to work best for me. Here is a tool that helps you to use this method.

Step 1. Input your poem

Input your poem in the text-area:

Or choose one of these poems:

Step 2. Read the poem out loud

The second step is simple: read the whole poem out loud to your self.


Step 3. Step by step

We'll now start memorizing the poem. To start out, read each line that is displayed in the box, then look away from the screen or close your eyes and repeat the line you just read.


Step 4. No more steps

By now, you should be able to repeat all of the poem. If you find your self struggling to do this, repeat the procedure from the beginning. Try repeating the poem out loud, then correct yourself:

Gimme culture